New Homes

Currently we are representing Woodridge Homes in Rutherford, Davidson and Williamson Counties. Woodridge Homes, LLC premier home building and our new construction sales experience has proven to be a winning team.

Serving in the United States Military, Ted Pratt learned the discipline required for success prior to becoming a member of the Craig family, one of Nashville’s premier building families. Now as a second generation home builder having excelled for over a decade of experience and passion in every facet of homebuilding including purchasing, scheduling, planning, and on site project management, Ted and Amber Pratt are principles of Woodridge Homes building some of Nashville’s most unique and inspiring homes with many value added innovations in home building not seen before. Ted’s main focus is on delivering new homes with the highest quality and most innovative design at the very best value available.

Amber Pratt, raised in the Craig family home building enterprises, has worked alongside her father master craftsman and builder her whole life. As a member of this building family tradition, Amber has facilitated successful business strategies in managing the purchasing, payroll, accounting, and scheduling disciplines. Amber’s focus quickly became the accounting and strategic business operation side of the business that later inspired her to form a third party accounts payable company which is also utilized by numerous home builders in Middle Tennessee.

In 2006 together Ted and Amber founded Woodridge Homes LLC, with the vision to provide a new home building experience to exceed customer’s expectations in every way. Woodridge Homes offers an exceedingly higher level of “standards” in their homes, which simply means their client’s get more in their new home receiving standard what most price as upgrades. Woodridge builds every home with the most innovative design, energy efficient rewarding construction, and inspired crafted details found only in exquisite homes costing thousands more. Woodridge is always seeking ways to find their customers cost savings and maximum efficiency through construction resulting in added value, lower utilities and more satisfied clients. This focus on total efficiency has resulted in Woodridge Homes being a leader in many new construction features and design components. Come see the real difference delivered every time you choose to build with Woodridge Homes as many already have experienced. Woodridge specializes in building homes of inspiring designs, innovative construction and delivered with ingenious passion for customer joy through the entire process.